JHC has built its reputation on providing tailored packages and training to meet your individual company needs and we are always happy to schedule workplace visits to discuss your particular requirements.

We endeavour through our strong partnerships with a number of colleges in England, to source full or partial funding towards BIT and PMO qualification training courses. Where this has not been possible, we can demonstrate with management the potential cost savings that can be achieved through learning and applying lean techniques and thereby guarantee a return on your investment.

In addition to our bespoke training we can also offer the following qualifications programmes. These include:

Business Improvement Techniques - Level 2 Diploma and Level 3 Diploma

This course offers valuable skills and knowledge to help you streamline business processes in your organisation. This program can be adapted any business sector and gives employees the tools to immediately start eliminating out waste and improving productivity through initially, 3-improvement activities. Mandatory training units covered include:

Performing Manufacturing Operations /Performing Engineering Operations Level 2

This course covers the skills, knowledge and responsibilities required of operatives within a variety of manufacturing and processing environments. Learners complete a selection of units including:

Lean Overview Days

These half or 1-day short courses provide an overview for management of the lean model, showing how the lean can directly benefit your organisation.

Lean in Action

This 5-day course is designed to enable your company to commence the implementation of lean training and to gain experience those lean tools that can help improve your company's Key performance Indicators i.e. Quality, Cost, Delivery.

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